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I was able to combine my passions for writing original songs as well as composing score on "It Takes Three." I had written Hasselhoff and Bra's Off for the film, which prompted the director, Scott Coffey, to ask me to score the feature. I spent a lot of time on set getting to know the actors and listening to the music they were into at the time. It's a coming-of-age film with really relatable characters and emotions. I loved immersing myself into the story to elicit the sounds that would illuminate their feelings and building a soundtrack that would rhythmically fuse together each scene.

Production Company:  Gunpowder and Sky
Director: Scott Coffey

Writer:  Logan Burdick

Producer: Barry Barclay

Sync: Hasselhoff, Bra's Off

When you're a prepubescent teenage boy dreaming about how to impress your crush, the coolest lifeguard around naturally comes to mind. Who wouldn't want to be "The Hoff," sprinting towards the ocean to rescue all the bikini-clad chicks? Of course it's a pipedream, but that's what the character in this scene is envisioning as he's rocking around his teenage bedroom. "You see these curls? They grow naturally." [Just like other uncontrollable things]

Bra's Off
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