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I have "General Hospital" - and head of music Paul Glass - to thank for taking a chance on me. I had attended a Billboard Film and Television Conference in 2010. The panel was discussing how they chose unsolicited/unrepresented music from strangers.


Paul literally pulled my CD from a trash can and played it for the audience. He liked what he heard and decided to give me a shot. It was one of the defining moments in my career. It was this fortuitous encounter that led to the manifestation of my musical dreams, and my first Emmy nomination for Best Original Song.   

Director: Zetna Fuentes

Writer: Sara Shepard

Producer: Frank Valentini

Season: 04

Episode: 10
Air Date: August 13th, 2013

Sync: Dreams


Director: Chad Lowe

Writer: Sara Shepard

Producer: Frank Valentini

Air Date: 2019-2020

Sync: Get Back Home

Get Back Home
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